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‘These people vote’: Woman at Trump rally says Space Force will overturn election, implement martial law in viral video

The bizarre theory has been around for over a year.


Claire Goforth


Over the weekend, a viral video emerged of a woman claiming that the Space Force is going to overturn the 2020 election, declare martial law, and finally expose the so-called deep state.

The woman identified only as Julie was interviewed by Right Side Broadcasting Network as she waited to get into former President Donald Trump’s rally in Michigan on Saturday.

After saying she believed the election was “stolen,” Julie told the reporter that “Space Force has it all. Trump has all the information. It’s going to be overturned.”

The reporter asked her to elaborate on what Space Force has.

“The night of the election, they literally watched the election be stolen,” she replied. “They watermarked the ballots. They know exactly what happened with every ballot. They know what fake ballots.”

“They know the election switches. They know what countries are involved. They followed the money. They know what every politician that’s been paid off.”

She didn’t explain why Space Force officials, working under a branch of the Air Force, would wait over a year to reveal this evidence if they had it all along.

She said that there were 269,000 sealed indictments associated with stealing the election, but that it may be up to 500,000 by now: “I believe that we’re going to have an emergency broadcast and the military’s going come in with martial law. And we’re going to be shown eight hours on, eight hours off of videos for seven days, the world.

“They’re going to be showing us taped tribunals, taped confessions, and the world is really going to awakened to what’s really going on with the deep state.”

The video of her comments posted by Twitter user @littlewhitty went viral. As of this writing, it has 2 million views.

Reactions range from ridicule to concern.

“THESE PEOPLE VOTE,” opined one. “This is why we must vote in midterms, we cannot let the lowest common denominators have majority rule.”

“The next thing you know Space Force will be commandeering of all the Jewish space lasers,” joked another, referring to comments by QAnon conspiracy theorist Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.).

The Space Force diatribe incorporated buzzwords and beliefs popular with QAnon conspiracy theorists who believe that the world is controlled by a cabal of Satanic, cannibalistic pedophiles.

QAnon followers claim that the “deep state”—typically meant to refer to a shadowy group of government workers who secretly guide the government—is part of this cabal. They often refer to an “awakening,” at which the cabal and its crimes will be revealed. They’re also fixated on military tribunals, which they believe will bring down the cabal, whose members will be publicly executed.

Theories about Space Force and the 2020 election have been circulating in spaces popular with QAnon followers for over a year.

A widely circulated post from last spring claims, “An Election Monitoring (Surveillance) System was installed by the U.S. Cyber Command, Space Force, and the Shadow Warriors of the Cyber Brigade.”

The fact that Trump created the Space Force seems to factor into theories about it and the election.

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Not all of the theories portray Trump as an innocent victim or noble crusader, however.

“Trump will go down as the worst traitor in our history he had it ALL,” a subscriber posted in the Great Awakening v. Great Reset Telegram channel in March 2021.

“Irrefutable evidence of the treason, 2018 executive order concerning foreign interference in our elections, used Space Force to capture it ALL and he walked away, betraying his own oath to the Constitution.”

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