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Trump’s supposed big boy appetite inspires bulking memes

It's big boy season.


David Covucci


Posted on Oct 5, 2020

Since President Donald Trump was hospitalized Friday with COVID-19, the public has been desperate for any news about his condition.

Reporters have struggled to cut through the morass and misinformation to deliver accurate news about the president. One reporter who hasn’t seemed to struggle is One American News’ Jack Posobiec, a far-right site that’s friendly to the president.

Posobiec has dished out misinformation and inaccuracies frequently, so take his missives about scooping the mainstream media with stories about how the president is “cracking jokes” with a grain of salt (he’s likely being fed what the White House wants). But there is one report everyone wants to be true, if only for the memetic potential.

Trump is eating big boy meals.

“Direct quote from medical official to @OANN: “He’s been eating like a mad man today. Back to back plates. Energy way up,” Posobiec wrote.

Eating like a mad man! Back to back plates! Who doesn’t enjoy a president bulking up for the winter months? Everyone does!

It’s downright adorable. “This is how I talk about my dog after he gets sick and recovers,” noted @RedArmyPrinter.

Some did note that given Trump is being treated with steroids, increased appetite might be a side effect. Which is great. Even more president! BIG POTUS.

Love him or hate him, you can’t be upset at the commander-in-chief scarfing down those meals.

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*First Published: Oct 5, 2020, 11:15 am CDT