ron desantis putting on a face mask


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis mocked for botched attempt at putting on face mask

In the video, DeSantis can be seen putting one ear strap around his head.


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Does the Florida governor know how to properly wear a face mask?

That question was posed after a video captured the moment Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis attempted to put on his mask at a press conference on Friday. In the video, DeSantis can be seen putting one strap around his head, leaving the other strap to hang around his chin area. The straps on his mask were intended to go around his ears, not head. (While some face mask types can be worn around the head, DeSantis’ mask does not appear to be one of them.)

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People online were quick to mock DeSantis, making the video a frequent post when scrolling through the #FloridaMorons hashtag on Twitter.

“Is this a Saturday Night Live skit or does Florida governor, Rick DeSantis, really not know how to put on a mask?” Twitter user @MichaelJStern1 questioned.

This is not the first time DeSantis has been spotted not properly wearing protective equipment. Memes, including a flurry of Michael Jackson jokes, descended upon the governor after he spotted wearing only one rubber glove at a press conference in early April.

“The man is always halfway there,” Twitter user @realworldrj wrote, along with a photo of a one-gloved DeSantis, in response to the latest protective equipment gaffe.

DeSantis, who has deemed the WWE essential, has been widely criticized for his pandemic response. Florida still had its beaches open during spring break, only closing them midway through after videos of spring breakers trended online. And Duval County beaches were being reopened Friday for certain recreational activities, such as walking, biking, hiking, fishing, running, swimming, surfing, and taking care of pets, according to CBS47.

There have been nearly 23,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and more than 630 deaths in the state. Florida’s peak date changed three times before landing on a day that has already passed, April 2, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

DeSantis’ stay-at-home order expires on May 1. DeSantis issued the order on April 1—one month after Florida’s first confirmed coronavirus case.


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