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Former Trump official mocks Biden for not wearing a mask—with pre-pandemic pic

A lot of people pointed out that Richard Grenell was using a year-old photo to try and make his point.


Andrew Wyrich


Richard Grenell, President Donald Trump‘s former acting director of national intelligence, tried to mock 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for not wearing a mask, but ended up getting mocked himself for using a year-old photo to try and make his point.

Grenell posted a tweet where he called Biden a “Washington, DC phony!” while attaching two photos of the former vice president. In one, Biden is on a plane without a mask. In another, he is outside wearing one.

“@JoeBiden doesn’t wear a mask on a plane – but wears one OUTSIDE!?” Grenell tweeted.

However, as people online quickly pointed out, the photo of Biden on a plane was a year old, before coronavirus existed.

Not everyone noticed the tweet included a photo from 2019. Mark Levin, the conservative pundit, retweeted Grenell’s tweet and called Biden a “fraud” because of the pictures.

But a lot of people didn’t fall for it. Many people called the tweet disinformation just ahead of Election Day.

Grenell has doubled down on the tweet. Instead of deleting it, he has posted a new one and tagged people who called him out on the first one.

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