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“Pornpatriots” fight Stop Online Piracy Act

“They can pry my porn from my cold, dead hands,” commented one redditor in support of the porn industry’s attempts to fight a conversial bill.


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Opponents of the Stop Online Piracy Act just received a few x-rated allies.

Free porn websites, such as Youporn, Pornhub and Tube8, have taken up the cause against SOPA with banners on their sites encouraging people to visit the American Censorship website.

The bill “modernizes our criminal and civil statutes to meet new IP enforcement challenges” and provides law enforcement agencies the “tools to protect American intellectual property from counterfeiting and piracy,” according to the Committee on the Judiciary website.

Last week, thousands of users voiced concerns across pretty much ever social media platform possible, most notably Twitter, Tumblr and Canvas. On Reddit, in particular, dozens of posts have cropped up asking people to sign a White House petition challenging the bill, call their local representatives, and educate themselves.

With that level of support, it’s no surprise to see thousands of people praising the multibillion-dollar-porn industry for their anti-SOPA sentiments. In one Reddit post today, which has collected about 100 comments and more than 1,040 upvotes, redditor ThomasJefferson69 called the people behind these sites “pornpatriots.”

“Porn has always been an industry that reacts very harshly to any twinge of censorship. Being that their industry is inherently offensive and objectionable to some people, they’ve always had a very staunch first amendment slant,” wrote sevendeadlyninjas. “Some people hate the industry, but free speech isn’t a matter of some/a few/most/all people agreeing or disagreeing one way or another. That’s the free part.”

Most of the other commentators in the thread were far less poignant and instead expressed outrage over the threat of losing their free porn.

“They may take away our freedom, but they’ll never take our FREE PORN!!!!” wrote yousless.

“They can pry my porn from my cold, dead hands,” wrote 2parties1cup.

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