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Video of Nick Fuentes admitting he knew about Ali Alexander grooming allegations resurfaces after Fuentes has X account reinstated

Fuentes has been accused of changing his story regarding allegations that Alexander was texting a 15-year-old.


Marlon Ettinger


Posted on May 8, 2024

Videos of Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes admitting that he knew about allegations regarding grooming by Stop the Steal organizer Ali Alexander resurfaced this week after Fuentes’ X account was reinstated by Elon Musk.

Fuentes has repeatedly downplayed the allegations or claimed to not know about them, even as underage members of his movement accused Alexander of soliciting them for sexual images and videos.

Fuentes, who’s the online figurehead of a racist, antisemitic movement which he calls America First, had his account restored on May 3rd, a day after Musk said he could stay on the platform “provided he does not violate the law.”

Rumors about Alexander, a conservative operative who gained notoriety after organizing the rally that preceded the Jan 6, 2021 riot at the US Capitol, circulated for months before two men came forward last spring. The men, who were teenagers at the time of their interactions with Alexander, detailed Alexander texting them flirtatious messages and asking for sexual videos in exchange for promises of internships and proximity to clout.

“You don’t even send me videos anymore,” Alexander wrote in one message to Aidan Duncan, an associate of Fuentes who went by the moniker ‘Smiley.’ “No good jack off material. Don’t even wanna be my side piece. But I understand.” Duncan confirmed last year to the Daily Dot that the messages were authentic.

Those messages reportedly were sent in 2017, and, as the Daily Dot exclusively reported, the Johnstown Police Department in Colorado confirmed that there was an active case last year. The Johnstown Police Department didn’t immediately reply to questions about whether the case was still active or what the state of the case is.

After the allegations went public, Duncan said on a podcast that Fuentes is “100 percent aware” about Alexander asking him for nude photos, the Daily Beast reported. Another man, Lance Johnston, who claimed that Alexander solicited him for nude photos, said that he started texting with Alexander when he was 17.

“Show me ur [eggplant emoji],” Alexander said in one of the messages to Johnston, clarifying that he meant “dick” when Johnston asked what he meant. Johnston reportedly quickly blocked Alexander, but a friend circulated the screenshot. When Fuentes and Alexander made their way into Kanye West’s inner circle in 2022, Fuentes reportedly asked Johnston to disavow the screenshot, which had been circulating online. Johnston told the Daily Beast that Alexander and Fuentes offered to get him a job in politics if he went through with it, which Fuentes denies.

In a video from Nov 2020 that made the rounds on X after Fuentes’ account was reinstated, a teenage fan with a blurred face tells Fuentes about conservative influencer Elijah Schaffer offering to buy him alcohol at CPAC, and Alexander trying to make a move on him at the same event.

“How do people not know about it?” Fuentes laughed in the video.

Other videos show Fuentes talking about Alexander trying to flirt with him when he himself was 19 or 20, and claiming in 2017 that Alexander “would like to do things, interact sexually, with young fashy white boys.”

Though Fuentes initially drummed Alexander out of the movement after the allegations first went public, more recently Fuentes has alleged that the claims that Alexander was grooming kids isn’t true.

“It’s funny, the whole Ali thing was debunked. Milo came out and said ‘oh, there’s all this evidence,’ and it never came out,” Fuentes said in a stream over the weekend. “There was one thing where I guess he sexted some gay guy who apparently, I mean, at first it looked credible, and then this guy turned out to be following and commenting on like a hundred other gay people’s stuff during that period, so that whole thing got debunked.”

And earlier in the year he claimed that Duncan was actually 18 when he sent the pictures. Fuentes argued that Duncan wasn’t a victim, claiming to know that the photos he took for Ali showed him posing in a cape and a speedo.

“You know,  so-and-so sent someone nudes or something. It’s like, can we all just grow up, seriously?” Fuentes said in another clip.

“It’s like, we’re really making a big stink because ten years ago this guy, Smiley, when he was like, probably 18 years old, and probably gay, if we’re being honest, was in some kind of gay, digital relationship,” Fuentes sneered. “Really? And this is ‘victim, victim’—oh fuck off.”

It remains unclear whether the allegations regarding Fuentes’ knowledge of the situation will hamper his movement in any way.

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*First Published: May 8, 2024, 11:29 am CDT