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‘Classic case of f*ck around and find out’: Nick Fuentes’ fan who challenged MMA fighter walk backs Holocaust denial after getting walloped

The battered redhead told the camera he accepted 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust after the beatdown


Marlon Ettinger


Natan Levy, a Jewish MMA fighter who goes by Jew Jitsu on YouTube, posted a video yesterday showing a fight between him and a far-right Twitter troll.

The beef started, according to Levy, when “some wimp on Twitter posted a picture of his … slim tricep” and said, “this is what every white nationalist should look like.”

Somebody tagged Levy in the post, and the fighter wasn’t impressed.

“He’s built like a chopstick,” Levy cracked. “Definitely not a threat.” The user who posted the tweet subsequently deleted his post.


“I’ll drive to Vegas any day of the week to spar you on behalf of Nicholas J. Fuentes and America First,” @ben_wwh, said another poster, quote-tweeting Levy’s response in defense of the original poster. “With no formal MMA training should be easy right?” 

That user, Ben, has since protected his tweets.

“No clue who Dickless J. Funtes is but bring him and the chopstick kid too,” Levy wrote.

Nick Fuentes is an antisemitic conservative pundit who leads a group of young conservatives who share a variety of ideas like admiration for Adolf Hitler and stripping women of all rights. He and his followers call themselves Groypers, after a grotesque smug cartoon frog.

When the Groyper actually did show up to meet Levy, the two signed waivers before fighting a five-minute round, which Levy filmed.

Before they fought, Levy asked the Groyper why he’d been talking badly about Jews on Twitter. Ben replied that he wasn’t about hate and that he’d just been trolling. 

Levy then asked him how many people he thought had died in the Holocaust. But Ben wouldn’t give him a straight answer, calling him and Fuentes not deniers but revisionists who dispute the numbers of Jews killed.

“He hasn’t been watching film on me, I have striking, I have power, I have the size,” Ben said before the two got into the ring.

Despite all that, Levy made quick work out of him. 

They threw a couple of shots at each other but Levy quickly took him down to the mat. Levy then put him into a chokehold until the Groyper tapped out.

They got up after that and kept fighting. Ben went down quickly again, and Levy pummeled him in the face for a while as spectators heckled him.

“I’m tapping out!” the Groyper said at one point. When Levy didn’t immediately stop, Ben started apologizing. “I’m sorry!” he can be heard saying.

“This is a classic case of fuck around and find out,” Levy said.

After ending the fight, Natan put his arm around a battered-looking Groyper’s shoulder and had him face the camera.

“Six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust,” the Nazi says.

“Murdered,” Levy corrected him.

“Murdered in the Holocaust,” the Nazi said.

“Hey I at least got you with a couple of good shots,” he said to Levy after.

“No,” Levy said, shaking his head.

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