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Dirty Delete: Mary Miller is the far-right politician you’ve never heard of

Miller’s social media footprint is a collection of extremist views mixed with calls to impeach President Joe Biden.


Claire Goforth


Posted on Mar 24, 2023   Updated on Mar 23, 2023, 6:56 am CDT

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Rep. Mary Miller (R-Ill.) joined Twitter with a screed about the “socialist left” and she’s never looked back.

Miller’s social media footprint is a collection of extremist views mixed with calls to impeach President Joe Biden. Far-right politicians like her still aren’t over President Donald Trump getting impeached twice.

After getting elected in 2020, Miller celebrated by going on shows and tweeting aboutconservative women winning elections.

Then she swiftly shifted gears to lying about election fraud.

In November 2020, she posted a photo of herself at a “MAGA march” with “patriots” Louie Gohmert and Mike Lindell, who’s spent millions chasing the invisible election fraud rabbit.

The next month she claimed, falsely, that it was “impossible” that Trump lost unless the race was “FIXED.”

The day before the Capitol riot, Miller gave a speech to some Trump supporters in which she said, “Hitler was right on one thing.”

Dear everyone: Don’t ever praise Hitler.

The morning of the Capitol riot, Miller posted her Fox News interview on Instagram with this caption: “The election was undermined before it ever got to Congress.”

Her husband, Illinois state Rep. Chris Miller (R), actually attended the riot, according to Mother Jones.

This year, Miller celebrated the anniversary of the failed insurrection by tweeting praise for Trump.

Weeks later, she co-wrote an op-ed boasting about creating the Congressional Family Caucus to defend the “natural family”—by which they mean heterosexual and Christian.

In Congress, Miller has used her social media bully pulpit to urge people to vote against a Worker Rights Amendment. That amendment, which passed, guarantees the right to collective bargaining and bans “right to work” laws, which loosely translates to the right to get fired for no reason.

It’s no wonder she’s so misinformed. Miller recently called far-right outlet Newsmax “a reliable source of information” in an appearance on—you guessed it—Newsmax.

Miller is active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Truth Social, and Gettr.

Dirtiest Delete

Saying Hitler was right about anything into a microphone in front of a huge crowd is a line only a fool or a fascist would cross. But there’s no way for Miller to delete that moment.

While the mob she supported raged outside the Capitol hellbent on overthrowing democracy, Miller tried to explain why she gave the architect of the Holocaust props.

“I would never glorify a genocidal dictator,” she wrote in the since deleted tweet.

Also that day, she and the rest of the Sedition Caucus objected to the results of a free and fair election.

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*First Published: Mar 24, 2023, 6:00 am CDT