Kaitlin Bennett wearing a shirt declaring Trump as her king

Kaitlin Bennett/Twitter

Kaitlin Bennett gets flamed for declaring Trump her ‘king’

'Making democracy into a monarchy to own the libs.'

Oct 1, 2020, 6:21 pm



Mikael Thalen

Conservative commentator Kaitlin Bennett, known to many as the “Kent State Gun Girl,” is getting flamed online after promoting merchandise that declares President Donald Trump as her “king.”

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In a tweet on Thursday, Bennett shared two photos showcasing the new design while pledging her allegiance to the president.

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"Donald Trump isn't just my President," Bennett said. He's my KING!"

Appointing Trump as her unelected hereditary monarch, unsurprisingly, was instantly mocked online.

Twitter users reminded Bennett that America had fought in the Revolutionary War with the sole purpose of rejecting a dictatorial ruler.

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"Didn't we have some kind of war to get rid of a king?" @The_Operator01 said.

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Others pointed directly to the queen of the United Kingdom, noting that Bennett could just travel across the ocean if she was that desperate for a glimpse of monarchy.

"If monarchy is what you are going for, I think you will find that your rightful sovereign would be this person," NoKnownFuture said next to a photo of Queen Elizabeth II.

Conservative Christians and others also pushed back on Bennett's tweet on religious grounds, suggesting that the young activist had engaged in blasphemy.

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"Isn't idol worship a sin in the bible?" @boopyape said.

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Many simply joked about the apparent contradiction of an alleged small-government conservative promoting the idea of an undemocratic ruler.

"Making democracy into a monarchy to own the libs," @JessicaHuseman said.

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It seems the shirt, which comes in at $29.99, has actually been available on Bennett's website for several years.

The item has received more than 400 mostly-positive reviews from what can only be described as die-hard Trump fans.

Despite the wide-spread mockery, Bennett appears undeterred in her admiration of Trump as her king.

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*First Published: Oct 1, 2020, 6:21 pm