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‘He is a dope head!’ John Fetterman’s endorsement of magic mushrooms sparks puritanical outcry

‘No wonder he is flipped out and looks stoned!’


Mikael Thalen


Conservatives are expressing outrage after Sen. John Fetterman (D-Penn.) endorsed the use of psychedelic mushrooms in mental health treatment.

During a Senate Agriculture subcommittee hearing last week, Fetterman, who has been open about his own mental health struggles, described himself as “an advocate of psychedelics in terms of magic mushrooms for PTSD and for veterans especially.”

“I always thought it could be—and maybe I’m wrong—an amazing economic kind of boom for the mushroom [sector],” said Fetterman, according to Marijuana Moment. “I think it could be a revolution in mental health.”

Conservatives, who have targeted Fetterman with bizarre conspiracy theories as well as mockery for his attire and recovery from a stroke, reacted to the news with disdain.

“What a dope. Literally,” one right-wing user tweeted. “I have known brilliant people in my life who have completely ruined their minds by overindulging in this stuff.”

“WHAT COULD GO WRONG?” the far-right blog Gateway Pundit asked. “Is that really such a good idea for a person in his condition? Doesn’t he have enough issues to deal with as it is?”

Despite the Gateway Pundit’s concern, Fetterman did not say he’d used psychedelics to treat his depression.

In response to the article, users similarly attacked Fetterman’s mental health history in light of his support for psilocybin.

“No wonder he is flipped out and looks stoned he is a dope head!” one commenter wrote.

Yet not all conservatives were opposed to Fetterman’s position. Several openly opposed to the senator’s politics admitted that they agreed with him on the research surrounding psychedelics and mental health.

“That is the one thing he’s said that I agree with,” another user responded. “Look at the ptsd psilocybin studies. Micro dosing and small doses don’t incapacitate, they improve mood and outlook significantly.”

While such research remains in its infancy, numerous clinical trials have shown promising results for those suffering from depression and PTSD. But despite the growing body of research in favor of magic mushrooms, many still remain convinced that psychedelic drugs have no redeeming qualities. Some even believe the growing support for such treatments proves the end of the world is near.

“Biblical End-times. Research ‘Pharmakeia’ in the Book of Revelation,” one user wrote. “We are very close to Christ’s return.”

While many naysayers remain, therapy in combination with drugs such as psychedelic mushrooms and ecstasy and Ketamine is becoming increasingly accepted across the country.

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