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Welcome back to the stage amid the pandemic: Joe Biden

Biden resumed running for president after figuring out lighting in his house.


David Covucci


Former Vice President Joe Biden on Monday delivered a stern message about the Republican Senate relief efforts for coronavirus and called on President Donald Trump to step up his efforts.

A statement from Biden shouldn’t be all that newsworthy. He’s the Democratic frontrunner for the 2020 nomination, an election that’s just seven months away, and we are amid a national pandemic.

But no one had seen Biden for a week, prompting a conspiracy that he was missing. People online began wondering, “Where’s Joe?

According to an ABC report, Biden’s team was struggling with the low ceiling in his Wilmington home, which made “lighting” videos he was going to put out a challenge.

Alongside the Twitter video, Biden live-streamed a short speech, where he called on Americans to rise to the challenge of fighting coronavirus and highlighted the leadership of governors working to abate the spread.

“We are not going to be defeated now,” Biden said. He called the current situation a “failure of planning and preparation by the White House.”

You can watch the full video here.


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