Joe Biden standing in front of a campaign banner

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Joe Biden wins Arizona, Florida, Illinois primaries

The former vice president continues to rack up victories across the country.


Mikael Thalen


Former Vice President Joe Biden is projected to win the primaries on Tuesday in Arizona, Florida, and Illinois, beating out fellow candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

According to NPR, early numbers indicate Biden was able to take 42.4% of the votes with 6% of the precinct reporting in Arizona, 61.8% of the votes with 98% of the precincts reporting in Florida, and 59.1% of the votes with 86% of the precincts reporting in Illinois.

Biden’s sweeping victory comes just one week after the candidate won the primaries in Michigan, Missouri, and Mississippi.

Biden now has 1,147 delegates of the 1,991 needed to win the nomination. Sanders so far has 861.

While Ohio was also supposed to hold a primary, the state canceled in-person voting at the last minute over concerns related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Controversy surrounded Tuesday’s primaries given that the voting produced the large gatherings health experts say could help fuel the pandemic.


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