Vivek Ramaswamy and Logan Paul at tennis court

Jake Paul/YouTube

Vivek Ramaswamy is the latest far-right reactionary Jake Paul’s promoting

Presidential candidates weren’t the only right-wing influencers in the vlog.


Marlon Ettinger


Jake Paul’s latest vlog on YouTube showcased long-shot Republican presidential primary candidate Vivek Ramaswamy playing doubles tennis with Paul and his mother, taking a plunge into an ice bath, and awkwardly play-sparring with Paul, a celebrity boxer.

Ramaswamy is just the latest far-right figure Paul has promoted in recent weeks.

Ramaswamy’s appearance came after the presidential candidate posted a TikTok with Paul, saying that the vlogger had convinced him of the value of joining the platform.

“So Jake over dinner the other night, among other things, convinced me to do something that we decided we weren’t going to do in this campaign, which is join TikTok,” Ramaswamy said in the vlog.

“It’s all my fault,” Paul laughed.

Paul and his mother, Pam Stepnick, also watched and provided joke-y commentary while Ramaswamy played tennis.

“We definitely need a president who knows how to play tennis,” Stepnick, who promoted Vivek a few times recently on X, said. “It’s essential.”

Paul and his mother then got onto the court to play against Vivek and a doubles partner.

“Doubles tennis against Vivek, the future president of the United States,” Paul said.

Paul also edited President Joe Biden’s head onto his head while play-sparring with Ramaswamy.

Earlier in the same vlog, Paul trained at a gym with the misogynist influencers Adin Ross and Sneako. Ross frequently promotes Andrew Tate, who appeared with him often on Twitch streams before Ross was banned from Twitch for showing an unmoderated chat full of racism and antisemitism for over 20 minutes, Dexerto reported

Sneako was a frequent promoter and supporter of the prominent neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes, who has frequently praised Adolf Hitler, before he was banned from YouTube himself, calling Fuentes a “good guy” who “really cares about America.” Sneako also worked on Kanye West’s antisemitic presidential campaign.

Paul talked recently on his brother Logan’s podcast Impaulsive about some of his political positions and his support for Ramaswamy.

“One thing that’s great about him that I also liked about Trump is they’re not just saying what their donors want them to say,” Jake Paul said. “He’s not a politician by trade, he’s a businessman that’s a billionaire. He knows how to run a business and America is a business, that’s what people don’t fucking realize.”

And in a podcast from Sept. 7, Paul elaborated on some of his politics.

“I’m mad at like, the state of the world,” Paul said. “I think that’s why where like every time we sit down and like I mean even in our own when there’s no podcast or anywhere we’re always talking about these issues like endless times ten … this shit just fucking pisses me off bro.”

Paul then showed a viral video of a sheriff who pulled his gun on climate change activists blocking a road into Burning Man.

“This cop deals with this such like a fucking boss,” Paul said, before launching into a rant where he says the activists aren’t accomplishing anything.

“Yes, there’s hella emissions, yes, there’s too much carbon dioxide, yes we need to have a cleaner footprint,” Paul said. “ But this is not the way to go about it, to say that there’s climate change. We know nothing about our climate … we don’t know shit about the fucking climate … these people are wasting their fucking time, go get a job, … the ballpoint pen was created in 1938, so before that we were recording the weather with some fucking ink on a feather dog, so they’re trying to sit here and tell us that we know all these things about the climate change? We don’t know shit about our earth … there was an Ice Age however many years ago and yes the earth since then has been getting hotter, whoopty fucking doo.”

“So that’s what I’m mad about,” Paul finished. “God damn bro we’re just going to become a political podcast.”

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