iPhone 11 trypophobia


iPhone 11 triggers trypophobia—and memes

Trypophobia is the fear of small dots or holes that are close together. 


Libby Cohen


Apple unveiled its iPhone 11 line on Tuesday, and according to the memes, the latest designs are triggering some people’s biggest fears.

Among other new features, the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max have three lenses. People on twitter noted the triple lenses spiked their trypophobia, or the fear of small dots or holes that are close together. (Warning: Images in this story contain small holes.)

“The #iphone11 needs a trypophobia trigger warning,” @MiddleOfMayhem tweeted.

“I can’t have people walking around me with those cameras every day,” @lifeaseva said.


Those who suffer from trypophobia may remember the last time Apple triggered their fear. In 2015, Apple release a version of its’ Apple Watch, which had similar effects on people who hate small holes.


Apple revealed Tuesday that the new iPhone 11 models also include a wide-angle camera with a 40% increase in light, a 120-degree field of view ultra-wide camera, a telephoto camera, and a 4K resolution at 30 frames per second video, according to CNBC. Apple promises the new phones have longer battery life and faster speeds.

Unsurprisingly, people seem more interested in memes than the updated features. Many joked about what the iPhone 11 brings to mind.

@OldHackers compare the lenses to a three-blade razor.


While @VastGG tweeted the similarities between the three-lensed iPhone and a fidget spinner.

And people are already thinking about where the iPhone could go next. User @starboots_ tweeted a photo of an iPhone covered in lenses, which will definitely trigger trypophobia.


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