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Olympic condoms, Uganda’s gay affair got raided, Comcast’s privacy price tag: ICYMI

Some important news you may have missed on Aug. 5.


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Here’s some news you may have missed:

Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson explained to the Daily Dot why she’s opposed to Black Lives Matter. Read more about Pierson’s views on black activism in this article from Thursday.

If you’re reading this from the Olympic games in Rio, just assume your phone has already been hacked. (Protip: Avoid public Wi-Fi.)

Speaking of the Olympics, world-class athletes arriving in Brazil have been given enough condoms to each have sex 42 times during the games. That’s enough for two shags per day, which is a pretty decent amount, we guess.

Facebook’s top Trending Topic concealed the controversial past of Victor Thorn, a man who made a career out of 9/11 conspiracy theories and Holocaust denial. Good grief.

A former top CIA official says Donald Trump is a threat to national security. Michael Morell, who served as acting director for the clandestine service, called Trump an “unwitting agent of the Russian Federation.”

Police body and dashboard camera footage released on Friday show the events that led to the death of 18-year-old Paul O’Neal. The footage has enraged members of Chicago’s African-American community, who claim it depicts an “execution.”

Police in Uganda raided an LGBT event that was crowdfunded online. Ugandans face life in prison if caught violating a law that prohibit gay sex. Around 16 people were arrested and hundreds more detained at the party, which included a drag contest and karaoke.

Comcast wants to charge customers more to maintain their privacy. The telecommunications giant made its case in a letter to the FCC.

Suicide Squad “was meant to be a fun antidote to wholesome superheroes, but instead it’s painfully dull,” writes Gavia Baker-Whitehall.

Well… at least it’s Friday.

Hackers have stolen thousands of accounts from a developers’s forum called Khronos Group, including some belonging to Apple, Google, and Intel employees. via Motherboard

Republican insiders afraid of losing Senate seats in key battleground states want Donald Trump to stay far, far away. via Politico

Sounds crazy but apparently the BBC is planning to deploy “detection vans” equipped with Wi-Fi equipment that will allow it to “identify those illicitly watching its programs online.” (We’ve reached out to the BBC for comment) —via the Telegraph

Kazakhstan’s government is reportedly engaged in an online phishing and malware campaign targeting those critical of its policies: journalists and political activists—along with their family members, lawyers, and associates. via the EFF

Terrorism and political crisis: A professor of Rio de Janeiro State University explains why the Olympics is no game for Brazil. —via the New York Times

The endorsements of nearly two dozen retired generals and admirals have set the stage for Hillary Clinton to seize national security from Republicans who’ve owned the issue in past elections. —via the Guardian

The United States has not experienced a major hurricane in over a decade. The odds of that happening are pretty high, historically speaking. —via Ars Technica

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