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Hillary Clinton’s defense of a U.S. ambassador was red meat for conservatives

This did not go well.


David Covucci


In the past week—perhaps not coincidentally as speculation about a 2020 run emerged—Hillary Clinton has stepped up her Twitter attacks on President Donald Trump.

And while they’ve been a salve for some on the left hoping for a rational response to America’s bizarre politics, they are chum in the water for sharks on the far-right.

Take, for instance, yesterday’s vehement statement after Trump floated the possibility of allowing the Russian government to interview U.S citizens, including the former ambassador to Russia.

Michael McFaul was the target of a smear campaign by Putin during his time in Russia that accused him, among other things, of being a pedophile. So it is fairly horrifying to think that a U.S. president would leave an ambassador out to dry, simply because the president disliked the previous administration.

But Clinton’s wording left a huge opening for conservatives still mad at her, over, you guessed it: Benghazi.




For over six years now, Clinton’s actions in the lead-up to, and the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Benghazi— where she was accused of a variety of conspiracies, including refusing to provide adequate protection for ambassador Chris Stevens, who was killed, as well as issuing a stand down order when the attack occurred that led to the death of more Americans—have been at the forefront of all the right-wing vitriol slung her way.

And while Clinton has been thoroughly investigated for her actions again and again, to no avail by Republicans, that won’t ever stop the conservative mob online from jumping at any chance they get.

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