Hashtag 'Fox News Jacks Off To Harry Styles' goes viral after host attacks the singer's style


#FoxNewsJ*cksOffToHarryStyles goes viral after an anchor came for the singer’s fashion

The hot take from the Fox News anchor didn't go over well.


Libby Cohen

Internet Culture

Published Dec 30, 2020

Fox News host Raymond Arroyo is facing flak online after he criticized Harry Styles’ fashion choices during a segment on Tuesday night.

Arroyo used a picture of Style wearing a dress on a recent cover of Vogue as part of a segment on “things to avoid in 2021.” It isn’t going over well.

“Harry Styles, please stick to Armani men’s wear or at least pants. The gender bending wardrobe is not edgy or artistic. You look ridiculous,” Arroyo said on Tuesday night. “And you’re not breaking any new ground. David Bowie did this decades before you were even conceived and the pearls are a really bad look.”

In response, the hashtag #FoxNewsJacksOffToHarryStyles is going viral as a way of roasting Arroyo’s take on the fashion choices.

Arroyo is referring to a recent Vogue cover where Styles poses in several dresses. If the outrage over Styles’ fashion sounds familiar, it is because this isn’t the first time it has gotten conservatives upset.

Styles fans quickly defended the artist with the now trending hashtag.

“Harry styles once said: IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS #foxnewsjacksofftoharrystyles,” one account tweeted.

“If you’re insecure about yourself just say that. #foxnewsjacksofftoharrystyles,” another tweeted.

“sorry, harry styles and his $75 million net worth don’t care about what you think #foxnewsjacksofftoharrystyles,” someone else tweeted.

“a big fuck you to fox news. harry looks great in pearls and whatever he decides to dress in, stfu. #foxnewsjacksofftoharrystyles,” another person wrote.

Fox News is just the latest to come after Styles’ wardrobe. Conservative author Candace Owens first attacked Styles for the cover by tweeting “bring back manly men” in November.

Styles brushed off the comment by quoting “bring back manly men” in an Instagram post. He has yet to respond to Fox News’ latest take on gender fluidity and personal style preferences.

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*First Published: Dec 30, 2020, 11:56 am CST