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Fox News anchor tweets about Obama conspiracies

Heather Childers tied two conspiracies about President Obama in just one tweet. 


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A Fox News anchor apparently asked her Twitter followers their opinion Tuesday on a conspiracy claim that President Barack Obama threatened the life of Chelsea Clinton in order to cover up facts surrounding his birth certificate.

The tweet by Heather Childers read: “Thoughts? Did Obama Campaign Threaten Chelsea Clinton’s Life 2 Keep Parents Silent?” Childers attached a link to the fringe claim from the Godfather Politics website, an extreme right-wing news source.

Childers’s Twitter account is protected, meaning only followers that have been approved by the account holder can view her tweets and profile.

However, the liberal watchdog Media Matters caught the tweet and quickly responded on Twitter.

“Your skills are impressive @HeatherChilders Birtherism/Clinton conspiracy in 1 tweet. Does Fox News give you special training for that?”

Childers then responded: “I know Media Matters strives 2b FACTUALLY correct so attach the article plz. I was asking 4 opinion.”

That last tweet has since been deleted, but Media Matter captured a screenshot.

According to Mediaite, Fox News has since broached the subject with Childers, and she has admitted the tweet was a mistake.

To wrap things up, Childers left one final tweet on the matter with a half-hearted apology.

“Here’s the thing folks… that ONE topic sure got alot of you tweeting. Why? I apologize if the article offended anyone. Very interesting.”

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