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Deplatformed: Obama engages deep state protocol

According to the QAnon crowd, Obama is up to something.


David Covucci


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President Joe Biden’s debate performance was bad. But was it “engage deep state protocol” bad?

Former President Barack Obama has long been a boogeyman of the conspiratorial crowd, ever since former President Donald Trump accused him of spying on him in 2016. What became the Russian interference investigation in liberal circles became parallel accusations of Obama and his team using the vast apparatus of the surveillance state to gin up false accusations, wiretapping Trump and his team, and leaking about Mocow ties to sink both his candidacy and his presidency.

Now, the QAnon crowd on Telegram—where they’ve flocked since numerous website bans—think Obama is at it again in 2024.

A spate of channels on Friday, after Biden’s brutal debate effort, claimed the next day Obama visited CIA headquarters in Langley.

Prominent posters like GhostofEzra, Master C. Miller, and Mr. Pool all pushed the same claim, to a furious response from their fans. “Obama just arrived at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.”

According to one account, it was a lengthy session.

“Obama spent nearly 6 hours at the CIA headquarters today.”

And a productive one.

“Biden has already been removed unofficially,” wrote GhostofEzra.

It’s true that Obama has been more vocal as Biden’s floundered. He helmed a Hollywood fundraiser that raked in top dollars and, after the debate, tried to do damage control with an X post that said bad nights happen.

And according to recent reporting, he’s been counseling Biden in the wake. But there’s no proof he went to CIA headquarters, and given his high profile, you’d think he’d be able to take meetings like that in private.

Regardless, the Telegram storm jumped with it, revealing the deep state plan. And wouldn’t you know it, it’s also a beautiful wife guy tale.

Wrote Captain Kyle: “BIDEN Will step down around August 19.”

He will be replaced, naturally, by Michelle Obama.

And to halt any criticism or concerns and to bolster her candidacy, you guessed it. False flag race wars brought on by a George Floyd-style event.

If it worked in 2020…

2) Thomas Massie’s Tucker Appearance

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) announced this week that wife of over 30 years passed away unexpectedly. Massie did not reveal a cause of death.

And in that absence of information, the far-far-right decided she was targeted by Israel to send a message to Massie.

Before her death, Massie appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show, and in it he discussed the American Israel PAC’s influence over Congress, talking about how they sunk tons of cash into his primary.

Massie has long been anti-interventionist and especially anti-military foreign aid, but in the wake of the Israel-Gaza war, those stances have been twisted and dubbed a form of antisemitism, with AIPAC pushing hard against anyone pushing against blanket U.S. support.

Massie won his primary and will likely win re-election, and in the aftermath spoke about the Israel lobby’s influence on Congress.

“Your AIPAC babysitter, who is always talking to you about AIPAC  … they’ve got your cell number, you’ve got conversations with them, I’ve had four members of Congress tell me … I’ll talk to my AIPAC guy and see if I can get them to dial those ads back,” he said, discussing his race.  

After Massie announced his wife’s death though, a random pro-Jewish account, jewsarethegoat, quoted it, issuing something less than sympathy.

“Perhaps this is an opportune moment to reassess your perspective and make a positive change in your life. … I would like to gently suggest that you consider whether this is the legacy you wish to leave behind for your family.”

The comment caused a freakout on 4chan, tying the events together.

“Massie goes on Tucker Carlson’s podcast and names [AIPAC]. Great interview, everyone should listen …  2 weeks!!!!! Later his wife is dead. He … didnt bend the knee, we need to get this out there and not let it die. Every GADDAM red blooded american should be incensed.”

Some specifically called it an assassination.

“They killed her. He was exuberant when talking about how she was the most important thing in his life. So they took her from him.”

Massie has not commented on the speculation, but in his Carlson interview, he noted how AIPAC fought against any element of dissent in Congress, spending to defeat his polar opposites, as well, the Squad members, and succeeding in one race.

“Why the need to crush you?” Carlson asked.

“I don’t know, I think it’s they don’t want one horse out of the barn. If one person starts speaking, the truth, they’re afraid it could be contagious,” he said. 

3) No more Hawk Tuah

Two recent female influencers have blown up online, dominating the discourse. Two weeks ago, no one knew the Hawk Tuah girl or the N-Word trad wife. Now they’re all over everyone’s feeds.

But there is one social site where they won’t be blowing up

Gab founder Andrew Torba delivered a strongly worded missive to his user base that he is “sick and tired” of it.

“Right-wing culture has devolved into a spectacle of so-called ‘conservatives’ sharing clips of insipid harlots pouting the most depraved drivel,” he said, specifically referencing the two women.

Sharing it, even as outrage bait or to criticize it, is only making things worse.

“Our culture on the right is degenerate, debased, and frankly disgusting. We have to remember that inputs= outputs. What we think about we bring about. We are literally poisoning our minds with filth when we share and boost this content into the feeds of our people.”

That, he says, is the purview of the left. But luckily, there’s hope, he added, echoing the recent calls to outbreed the left.

“We must continue to have more children…. Our adversaries, those who embrace a wicked and depraved worldview, are faltering in their ability to reproduce.”

But aside from doing it, the other key is to unfollow.

“Our victory is assured, but it is up to us to seize the opportunity  … Let’s start by unfollowing the clickbait ‘conservative’ merchants.”

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