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‘Florida is literally cooking your friend’: Abortion escort roasts sunburnt Canadians who traveled south to protest

The Canadians keep getting redder and redder.


Katherine Huggins


A Florida abortion clinic escort is going viral for a TikTok showing how she dealt with Canadian anti-abortion protesters—by roasting them for getting roasted.

“This is what it’s like when Canadians show up to harass people outside of a Florida abortion clinic,” she began. “Not one of them knows what sunscreen is. You can tell that you have never been this close to the equator before darling.”

The viral video was shared by the TikTok account of Stand With Abortion Now (SWAN) of Central Florida. The group of escorts describes their aim as protecting “patients from the harassment of nasty, misogynistic, and sometimes violent protesters as they seek family planning services with the support of their doctor.”

In the TikTok posted Tuesday, one of the clinic escorts was seen highlighting the burns a group of protesters were experiencing—including by zooming in on one person’s Birkenstock-clad burnt feet.

“You’re going to end up with sun poisoning,” the escort said. “I know that hurts, sweetheart.”

“You might want to save your friend from the sun of Florida,” she continued. “Y’all are worried about the fires of hell and the sun of Florida is literally cooking your friend’s feet down there.”

Some of the protesters appeared to then apply sunscreen, prompting the escort to quip: “You’re not even gonna put sunscreen on your friend’s feet. What the fuck kind of Christian are you?”

The escort then continued to highlight sunburns among the group.

“They are gonna wind up with sun poisoning and heat stroke,” she said before highlighting another protester’s burnt shoulders.

“You might want to give your friend the sweater cause it’s her shoulders that are violently fucking burnt right now,” she said, before addressing someone else. “Your scalp is sunburnt, that’s going to hurt later.”

“And your feet are going to be sunburnt,” she said of another person wearing Birkenstocks, before giving a close-up shot. “Do you guys not fucking clean your toes?”

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Since its posting on Tuesday, the video has racked up more than 460,000 views and hundreds of supportive comments.

“I love they get redder as the video goes,” quipped one commenter.

“LMAO THE STARE THE LOBSTER GAVE YOU,” replied someone else.

“so apparently god’s love doesn’t protect from sun poisoning,” joked another person.

It’s not the first time a TikTok showing how SWAN escorts interact and deal with protesters has gone viral.

One video from July 2023 showing an escort taking a dig at one protester’s shoe choice garnered 21 million views. Another clip that boasts five million views features a woman railing against the names of Black children—and then getting schooled.

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