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Congress’ angriest poster isn’t MTG—it’s an 87-year-old Democrat from Jersey

Who? And how?


Tricia Crimmins


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) is known for her expressive, impassioned, and sarcastic tweets—and she’s got more than a million followers on X to show for it.

But even though her tweets regularly make headlines, she’s not the most negative member of the House online: Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. (D-N.J.) is, at least according to an analysis from Preply, a language tutoring service.

Preply sifted through over two million tweets from U.S. representatives, senators, and governors to find out which were the most upset on X. Pascrell beat out every single one with his perfect 10/10 “upset score.” (Greene earned a 9.93.)

Who is Bill Pascrell Jr.?

Pascrell is 87 years old and has represented New Jersey in the House (in multiple districts) since 1997. He is also running for another term and just won his Democratic primary despite losing a huge coalition of Arab American voters over his pro-Israel stance.

Preply’s analysis included tweets shared between 2019 and April 13, 2024. And in that time, Pascrell has had some choice words for Republican politicians. In particular, he repeatedly accuses them of lying because they think the American people are too “stupid” to notice.

“Led by their new speaker republicans are shamelessly lying about letting rich people cheat on their taxes because they think Americans are stupid,” Pascrell tweeted in November 2023 in the wake of Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.) being elected to House Speaker.

“It’s remarkable how republican leaders lie about everything because they think voters are stupid and hold you in absolute contempt,” he tweeted in October 2022.

He’s also accused Republicans of being thieves who “help billionaires cheat on their taxes” to steal from voters and want to force Americans to “work till [they] drop dead.”

And Pascrell reserves an impressive amount of rage for former President Donald Trump.

When Trump said he would urge Russia to attack U.S. allies, Pascrell tweeted it was “one of the [most] detestable treacherous things ever uttered by an American official.” And in response to the revelation that the Trump White House overprescribed drugs, Pascrell said the situation raised “a flotilla of red flags.”

“There is not one aspect of this government trump and his crony crime crew didn’t defile,” Pascrell tweeted about the drug abuse. “Not one.”

Pascrell has also shared a version of the same tweet about Trump’s remarks on abusing presidential power more than 20 times in the last year.

“Both the Washington Post and New York Times have revealed Donald Trump is planning to impose a dictatorship and use the military against his enemies if he seizes power again,” Pascrell tweeted in January. “I am going to post this repeatedly so no one can say they haven’t been told.”

Pascrell has stayed true to his 10/10 “upset score” in tweets shared after Preply’s analysis ended. Since Trump was convicted of 34 felonies in his New York criminal trial, Pascrell regularly greets his followers in the morning by reminding them that the former president is a convicted felon—and sometimes throws in remarks about Trump’s other legal woes.

“This is your regular reminder that convicted felon Donald Trump was found liable for raping and then defaming a woman and has been ordered to pay her $88,000,000,” Pascrell tweeted Tuesday morning, alongside a photo of Trump with Jeffrey Epstein, the financier and convicted repeat sex offender.

And Pascrell is aware that his X profile is seething. In 2020—when he was profiled by NJ Advance Media for his heated tweets—he said he was actually drawn to politics because it involves fighting and being outspoken.

“I walked the streets of Paterson, New Jersey,” Pascrell said. “Every day when you’re on the streets of Paterson, you have to prove yourself. That’s never left me. I have to say what I believe. I tell you what I think. I don’t want to water the wine.”

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