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Geoff Rickly, singer of on-hiatus post-hardcore band Thursday, was robbed at gunpoint. Enter Reddit.

Geoff Rickly, singer of on-hiatus post-hardcore band Thursday, was robbed at gunpoint.

He lost his “iPad, iPhone, passport, wallet, cards, rent money in cash (long story). Also my medicine for intense medical treatments,” he wrote on Twitter. He was also forced to withdraw money at an ATM, according to one report. But friends and kind redditors are doing what they can to track down the thief, tracking the perpetrator’s shiny new Instagram account.

Rickly, 34, posted a series of tweets about the Brooklyn incident, thanking family, friends, and fans for their support.

Indeed, redditors offered donations through Rickly’s Bandcamp page, where he offered several new songs as free downloads in November. 

“Thanks, everyone. I’m safe. I only lost possessions (hell, most of mine),” he wrote on Facebook. “But I still have the city, the summer, the sun, the simplicity of friends, a feeling and a fucking ‘nother day alive.”

Some redditors weren’t willing to stop at offering aid to the frontman. They wanted to track down the thief. A redditor and apparent Thursday fan, hatethejess, pointed out the robber had neglected to disconnect Rickly’s Facebook account from the iPhone before joining Instagram.

Screenshot via hatethejess/Reddit

While the thief (Rickly confirmed it was the perp) has yet to post any photos to the account, the redditors were hoping to track that person down via the profile photo. The person has not been identified as yet, though some redditors are suggesting asking Instagram and parent company Facebook for location data, asking Apple for help in tracing the phone, and reaching out to the media.

Photo via docebt/Reddit

Even amid his own misfortune, Rickly is offering his help to a fan involved in the Turkey protests.

He retweeted several messages regarding the Occupy Turkey movement from that same person. Props to him: It’s impressive that a guy who’s just gone through his own troubling experience will still help out others in dire straits.

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