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Online shoppers have a naughty little secret

Know what’s the worst part of shopping at the mall? Pants. You have to wear them.


Sarah Weber


Know what’s the worst part of shopping at the mall? Pants. You have to wear them.

That’s why some holiday shoppers decided to skip crowded stores this year and do their shopping at home where they can relax, quite literally, in their own skin.

A dirty little secret about Internet shopping is out, thanks to a recent holiday shopping survey by PayPal. Eleven percent of the people who participated i said they enjoy browsing online retailers while “completely naked,” according to CNBC.

About one third of the people who took the survey fessed up to doing online shopping more modestly in their pajamas.

Despite this casual take on holiday shopping, most consumers still preferred to have their wits about them while giving out their credit card information online. Only 15 percent said they enjoyed an alcoholic beverage while browsing for holiday gifts.

These Internet shopping behaviors are likely to become more pronounced as more consumers abandon the holiday sales rush in favor of online shopping at home. A whopping 86 percent of people surveyed said they would do at least some holiday shopping on a mobile device this year.

The stress and inconvenience of shopping at brick-and-mortar retailers seems to be helping push consumers to the Web, according to the survey.

Two-thirds of people who ventured out for holiday shopping witnessed at least one crazy driver cut someone off in a parking lot. More than half said they dealt with pushy strangers in checkout lines, saw shoppers yelling at store employees, and witnessed drivers parking in handicapped spots without the required pacquards or disability.

It’s enough to make you wonder why more people aren’t stripping down to their birthday suit and doing their shopping from the sofa.

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