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50 iconic photos from the March for Our Lives rally in D.C.

Hundreds of thousands gathered in Washington, D.C. to demand action against gun violence.

On Mar 25, 2018 by Lisa Allen

trans protest at white house

Trans activists unite in D.C. to protest Trump’s ban: ‘This feels like a personal attack’

Meet the protesters standing up for trans rights.

On Jul 27, 2017 by Lisa Allen

progressive pranksters

Progressive pranksters troll Trump through song on Fourth of July

A flash mob gathered at the White House to sing a protest ballad.

On Jul 5, 2017 by Lisa Allen

people's climate march

The Peoples Climate March marks Trump’s 100th day with fiery protest

‘The oceans are rising and so are we!’

On May 1, 2017 by Lisa Allen

March for Science

53 memorable photos from the March for Science

These are the people who set the scene and showcased the best signs.

On Apr 23, 2017 by Lisa Allen

Tax Day protest

‘No one is paying me to be here’: The Tax March in 29 photos

Thousands gathered in Washington, D.C., for the Tax March on Saturday, demanding the release of President Trump’s tax returns and greater transparency from his administration.

On Apr 17, 2017 by Lisa Allen

Love Flies High photos

‘Love Flies High’ protest soars over D.C.

At the Blossom Kite Festival on Saturday, messages of social justice and political awareness glided around the Washington Monument.

On Apr 3, 2017 by Lisa Allen

LGBT rally

Concerned citizens rally for LGBTQ safety and rights in D.C.

The LGBT community center in D.C. was vandalized mere hours after the protest.

On Mar 14, 2017 by Lisa Allen

Native Nations Rise: Rise With Standing Rock

In the shadow of the Dakota Access Pipeline ruling, Native Americans camp out in D.C.

Kandi Mossett of the Indigenous Environmental Network is helping lead a four-day demonstration and encampment in our nation’s capital.

On Mar 9, 2017 by Lisa Allen

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