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ghost in the shell 2045

Review: ‘Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045’ is heavy on action, light on big ideas

Major's new look in the Netflix series is also... not great.

On May 2, 2020 by Jenny Zheng

secret affair netflix

Why you should watch ‘Secret Affair’ on Netflix

The Korean series combines a steamy forbidden romance with scathing political commentary on capitalism.

On Mar 25, 2020 by Jenny Zheng

Tiger King

Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’ is a wonderfully bizarre look at big cat enthusiasts

The docuseries focuses on Joe Exotic and other players in the industry.

On Mar 23, 2020 by Jenny Zheng

Homepage article image

Netflix’s ‘All The Bright Places’ is a tender take on teen grief

The film stars Elle Fanning and Justice Smith.

On Mar 3, 2020 by Jenny Zheng

Pokémon Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution

Review: Pokémon remake ‘Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution’ is perfect

The CGI film is currently streaming on Netflix.

On Mar 2, 2020 by Jenny Zheng

followers netflix

Netflix series ‘Followers’ is a visual treat—but lacks a clear narrative

Directed by Mika Ninagawa, this series follows the lives of women living in Tokyo.

On Feb 28, 2020 by Jenny Zheng

Utopia falls Review

Sci-fi hip-hop series ‘Utopia Falls’ shoots for the stars but doesn’t quite make it

The Hulu series is the latest entry in the teen dystopian genre—but it has a twist.

On Feb 14, 2020 by Jenny Zheng

ghost bride netflix

Review: Netflix’s ‘The Ghost Bride’ fails to break free of rom-com tropes

The visuals in this supernatural series are also underwhelming.

On Jan 31, 2020 by Jenny Zheng

angel john

Angel Mamii and John Dees conquered TikTok. Now what?

The creative duo discuss their weirdly unique brand of short-form video comedy.

On Jan 16, 2020 by Jenny Zheng

kipo age of wonderbeasts

‘Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts’ makes the post-apocalyptic world seem fun

The new Netflix show, from DreamWorks, is compelling and hopeful.

On Jan 15, 2020 by Jenny Zheng

scissor seven review

Netflix’s ‘Scissor Seven’ is a hilarious, genre-hopping animated series

Over 14 episodes, 'Scissor Seven' proves that you can have it all.

On Jan 14, 2020 by Jenny Zheng