Emily Bloch

Emily Bloch is a multimedia journalist based out of South Florida. She covers a mix of politics and entertainment for local, regional, and national publications including Teen Vogue and Business Insider.

Cory Booker 2020 platform and policy

Is Cory Booker really as progressive as he wants people to believe?

Cory Booker wants to take on our criminal justice system.

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Barnwood theft may be on the rise because of ‘Fixer Upper’—and fans aren’t having it

‘Don’t mess with the blessed heroes of Waco.’

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2020 democrats mueller

Leading 2020 Democrats mock redactions in Mueller report

Democrats are pretty united.

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pete buttigieg 2020

Pete Buttigieg already has a following—but what does he stand for?

Pete Buttigieg is young and charismatic, but is he really progressive?

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ruth bader ginsburg

Hundreds plan to plank outside the Supreme Court for Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s birthday

The Notorious RBG is turning 86.

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Homepage article image

Are you being harassed by a Bernie Bro or a Bernie bot?

It’s hard to know the difference.

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looking at facebook ads under a microscope

Facebook’s political ad transparency tool is anything but

An already bad system isn’t going to get any better.

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trump ellipses

Trump’s ellipsis use on Twitter is a national travesty

There are so many.

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orrin hatch spotify playlist

The best and worst Spotify playlists in Congress

Some politicians play bangers. Some don’t.

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border patrol mexico wall

Meet the people actually donating to the border wall GoFundMe

They don’t care Mexico isn’t paying.

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beto fake spotify account

Meet the teen mind behind the parody Beto O’Rourke Spotify account

Beto’s not really listening… or is he?

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