Barbara Sueko McGuire

Barbara Sueko McGuire contributes features to the Daily Dot about women pursuing inspiring paths in life. She holds an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College in nonfiction writing and lives in Los Angeles, California, where she happily waits tables at Swingers Diner.

miry's list - Rabia Ahmadi Miry Whitehill Huda

Nonprofit Miry’s List leverages the kindness of strangers to help resettle refugees

'This is what the purpose of the internet is all about.'

On Aug 3, 2019 by Barbara Sueko McGuire

GirlTrek fitness health walking black women

GirlTrek is getting Black women walking for their health—and their legacy

Two friends refused to fall victim to the grim health statistics faced by Black women, so they founded a movement.

On May 31, 2018 by Barbara Sueko McGuire

nora mcinerny terrible thanks for asking podcast

The ‘Terrible, Thanks for Asking’ podcast is as blunt and heartwarming as it sounds

Host Nora McInerny helps others find solace, humor even, in their grief.

On Apr 30, 2018 by Barbara Sueko McGuire

Ria Browne

Meet the woman who beat the NRA at its own social media game

Ria Browne got Everytown for Gun Safety more followers—and actually started a conversation.

On Mar 16, 2018 by Barbara Sueko McGuire

meg zany street art strawberry shortcake feminist

Street artist Meg Zany wants to engage you about Strawberry Shortcake and consent

The feminist artist is building a following on nostalgia and real talk.

On Jan 24, 2018 by Barbara Sueko McGuire

Jen Gotch bando

Jen Gotch built an empire on rainbows—and a following on vulnerability

Women are flocking to her Instagram for the sparkly accessories, and staying for the real talk on mental illness.

On Dec 15, 2017 by Barbara Sueko McGuire

Lenora Claire stalk stalking Starchaser

Lenora Claire has been viciously stalked for 6 years—now she’s taking her fight to Congress

Meet the woman seeking justice for every stalking victim who's ever feared for their lives.

On Sep 18, 2017 by Barbara Sueko McGuire

Ela Darling cam girl VR porn librarian

Library nerd Ela Darling is here to change your VR porn experience

The former cam girl wants to bring your fantasies as close to reality as possible.

On Aug 7, 2017 by Barbara Sueko McGuire

Humiliatrix Ceara Lynch dominatrix

Humiliatrix Ceara Lynch is ready to degrade you and you’re going to like it

Meet the woman who's paid big bucks to make fun of men's d*cks.

On Apr 18, 2017 by Barbara Sueko McGuire