Each weekend on Pin the News, Josh Davis of LL Social and Lauren Orsini of the Daily Dot analyze the latest Pinterest happenings and provide insider tips for making the most of the network.

We begin this week’s episode with a description of Etsy’s new Guest Pinner series. Etsy is the number one traffic driver to Pinterest, beating out Google, Flickr, and Amazon. We look at how this series might help Etsy drive some of that traffic back home.

Two weeks ago, Pinterest began sending out weekly emails to members. We explain how to sign up for the email if you aren’t receiving it yet, and what you can expect to find when you get it.

Yahoo has made a statement by making pinning one of the first two sharing options to its new browser (before even Facebook and Twitter.) Should we worry about Yahoo making an offer on Pinterest? Watch the video to see why we don’t think so.

Pinterest’s popularity has attracted clones for every subject and audience. What makes a “Pinterest for learning” any different? We talk about Learnist—its success or failure hinges on its early adopters’ knowledge.

Finally, we wrap up with Sony’s latest Pinterest marketing tactic, and what its collaborative nature says about the culture Pinterest encourages.

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Photo via YouTube