Learnist invites self-proclaimed pros to teach others about their areas of expertise. What could possibly go wrong?

Learnist is an image-sharing network that has been described as “Pinterest for learning.”

But can it beat out the original Pinterest for learning—Pinterest itself?

Educators have already shown Pinterest to be a valuable learning tool just the way it is. PBS MediaShift, for instance, has compiled a dozen ways university educators use the image-sharing platform with students for every area of study, from business to journalism.

However, Learnist is far less open ended—it’s designed to encourage experts and educators to create boards solely around their areas of expertise.

“We believe that social learning should be the dominant instructional design for all of humanity,” wrote Grockit, the startup behind the project. “Learnist is a way for anyone to share what they know.”

According to Farbood Nivi, the founder of Grockit, Learnist will take a step out of the research process for students. Instead of depending on Google searches to compile articles, pictures, and videos about a topic, students will instead be able to access everything at once on an expertly-curated Learnist board.

Nivi told Mashable he thinks Learnist’s expert curation will prevent the spread of misinformation.

While that may be true, Learnist still relies on users to be truthful about their status as experts. It also relies on the experts to create boards around useful disciplines, as opposed to this (admittedly thorough) board about identifying hipsters.

In the end, Learnist will only be as educational as its users make it. Just like Pinterest.

Want to see for yourself? Right now, Learnist is invitation only. Visit the site to request your invite. (A Facebook login is required.)

Photo via Grockit

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