Here's a list of shows where you can use that free Ticketmaster voucher


Photo via Marce Grez/Flickr (CC-BY)

From Wiz Khalifa to Ryan Adams.

After a class-action lawsuit required a mass of free ticket vouchers be awarded to customers, Ticketmaster released a list of the nearly 300 shows where vouchers will be accepted. 

Predictably, the list seems to favor remote venues where a sold-out show was unlikely anyway, but some high-profile names are on the list. Several stops on Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa's Merry Jane tour are eligible, as are Rascal Flatts, Pitbull, Tom Petty, Brand New, Modest Mouse, the Beach Boys, and more. 

For a full tally of what's available, check LiveNation's running list

The majority of fans on Twitter don't appear impressed:

But, hey! If you live in North Carolina or Indiana, there are some rock-solid options for you.

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