Patton Oswalt, Martin Shkreli wage epic Twitter war

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Illustration by Max Fleishman

Feel the burns.

In an epic Twitter war occurring in the late hours of Sept. 5, comedian and Ratatouille voice actor Patton Oswalt destroyed Martin Shkreli, the pharmacy tycoon criticized for skyrocketing the price of potentially life-saving medication.

It all started when #TrumpCantSwim, a hashtag poking fun at Donald Trump's butterfly stroke abilities, rose to Twitter-trending fame after Oswalt's hilarious tweets:

Soon the tweets caught Shkreli's attention, and he took no time to clap back at the comedian with a poorly spelled and punctuated "who r u again."
Oswalt took the challenge and shots were fired fairly quickly. 
Though Shkreli thought he was "da best," Oswalt didn't necessarily agree, and his opinion gained support quickly. Shkreli ruthlessly refused to back down, and the fire kept on burning:
(Oswalt was on the CBS show King of Queens, but he didn't play Kevin James's lead-man role... smooth one, Shkreli.)
And just when we thought Shkreli had tasted enough defeat, he, of course, came back for the last strike. 
This isn't the first time Shkreli has used the internet to troll other celebrities. Back in August, Stephen Colbert and Shkreli had their own feud, with Shkreli boldly asking Colbert to "suck his dick?" after The Late Show tweeted a mocking meme. 
Colbert took to his own, personal Twitter account to burn Shkreli straight to the ground: 

For now, at least, Shkreli has lost another Twitter feud. 

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