Trump spying on Melania's ballot is the perfect Election Day meme

trump and melania voting

Screengrab via CNN

'Trust, but verify.'

Although ballots in U.S. elections are secret, we have a pretty good idea who Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump voted for this morning. But who did Melania Trump, his wife, vote for? Even the Donald couldn't be sure.

This CNN shot of the couple casting their ballots this morning may just be taken from an awkward angle, but it looks to many people like Donald is peeking to make sure his loving spouse actually wants him to be the orange emperor of these United States. It's the first good meme of election morning.
Trump is concluding his campaign the way he started it: by seeming extremely suspicious of women. And apparently, it runs in the family. 

donald trump
Donald Trump’s son broke a New York election law with this incredibly dumb tweet
There’s no question who Eric Trump was going to vote for, but just in case there were any doubts, he shared a photo of has ballot early Tuesday morning.
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