Would you take a ride with Gryft, the grifter version of Lyft?

It’s not mandatory to have a dirty pornstache to be a Gryft driver... but it doesn’t hurt.  

When it comes to transportation apps, Lyft seems like the friendly alternative to Uber: It’s often cheaper, the drivers are encouraged to talk to passengers, and that goofy pink mustache on the front of every car lends the whole ride a casual vibe. Yet, no matter how friendly the drivers are, it’s always good to remember that you don’t actually know them. Sketch troupe Its Past My Bedtime poked fun at how willing we are to get in cars with strangers now with one of its recent sketches, “Gryft.”

“They come from the halfway homes, they have police records... they can’t operate 1,000 feet from a school,” the women in the video explain. The scary thing is, they could be talking about drivers for Lyft or Uber.

Cab alternatives like Lyft and Uber are gaining popularity because they’re convenient for people, but there have been cases where drivers (who aren’t monitored or vetted in the same way that registered taxicab drivers are) have behaved badly. Very badly. A woman is suing Uber because she says her driver fondled and harassed her, and other customers have reported getting attacked and stalked by their drivers.

Lyft doesn’t have as many horror stories associated with it as Uber, but it still requires trust that your unvetted driver isn’t going to be a maniacal villain.

H/T Laughing Squid | Screenshot via Funny Or Die

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