You owe it to yourself to watch history's most impossible water bottle flip

girls flip water bottle perfectly

Screengrab via livhowez/

This is the bottle flip to end all bottle flips.

Water bottle flipping, a formerly useless talent, is having a moment in 2016. There was the guy who blew up his school talent show with a dramatic flip, the Olympic swimmer who flipped, and so many minor flipping incidents that someone wrote a sketch about it.  We've called out "the best water bottle flip of 2016" numerous times, but a better flip always comes along. This time, we may truly have found the ultimate flip. 


What?! How is that even possible? I suppose it could be staged, but it looks like these girls were just trying to perform a simultaneous bottle flip on the lipsync app, and surprised even themselves with the way things landed. Let's see that again in GIF form: 


Goddamn, goddamn. What are the chances physics would cooperate in just this way? The first bottle was already down, and there was a split second where this thing looked like a total failure—instead, it's pretty much the only cheerful thing happening on this day of post-presidential-debate acrimony. 

This is one small, pointless victory that these girls will remember for the rest of their lives.

Bottle flip by Olympic swimmer may be the best of 2016
Back in May, teenager Mike Senatore set the internet on fire with one flip of a water bottle . It's the kind of party trick that anyone could master with an afternoon of practice. It's really Senatore's showmanship, and the crowd's reaction, that sells the video. This kid's timing and attitude couldn't be more perfect.
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