Giant male snakes fighting for sex are really just in love with each other


Photo via Mulling it Over/Flickr (CC-BY-SA)

The ultimate showdown.

Down in Australia, it's getting to be springtime, which means mating season for the carpet python—a snake that can grow up to nine feet long. But, as with many species, romantic rivals can get in the way of sex.

Such was the case for two male pythons who battled it out for the affections of a nearby female, snapping and tussling for an hour in a video posted to Facebook by Queensland resident Becky Beale. But when you watch for yourself, it kind of seems like... they're having sex already?

"When two males cross paths during this time, it is common for them to have combat, it is pretty gentle, just wrestling, it is a simple matter of overpowering the other one," snake catcher Max Jackson told the Brisbane Times, willfully ignoring the lustful chemistry between the dude reptiles.

Can't you guys see you're in love?

H/T Brisbane Times

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