15 years after the film, 'Fight Club' gets the meme it deserves

fight club meme

Screengrab via Pixelated Boat/Twitter

His name was meme.

Chuck Palahniuk's gripping novel Fight Club will never gain the acclaim that the movie has. It's one of the few books where a film adaptation is legitimately better, yet also highlights all the glaring flaws of this one trick pony of a writer. 

Case in point? These edgy Fight Club memes that transform the character of Tyler Durden into the spitting image of r/Showerthoughts washing off after losing a UFC bout.

Durden feels like a precursor to Jared Leto's Joker and the forced edginess of Suicide Squad. Flintstone vitamins without the Flintstones TV show? You rebel, you.

Twitter user @PixelatedBoat is behind the madness, posting this series of solid macros on Friday. Copycats have yet to emerge but you best believe they're gonna fight once they're dreamed into existence.

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