Emails from Hillary that people 'like to ignore' is the election's last good meme

hillary clinton

Photo via Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)

Why won't people answer her?

On Monday, amid ongoing fallout from Hillary Clinton's seemingly insurmountable email scandal, writer Dana Schwartz—a vocal supporter of the Democratic candidate—highlighted a single leaked message. 

That tweet garnered plenty of attention, both negative and positive, from those who saw it as evidence of Clinton's genuine compassion and empathy to critics who considered it an example of patronizing, propagandistic concerns. But however you slice it, the formulation "the type of email from Hillary Clinton people like to ignore" was ripe for memeing. And so...
Yes, it's true: No earnest email actually sent by a politician is any match for meme culture. Good luck laughing again before Election Day, though. 
hillary clinton
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