The subtle way people are 'hacking' Donald Trump's website

Trump site hacked

Screengrab via @DustinGiebel/Twitter


For a few fleeting moments on Election Day, it appeared as though Donald Trump’s website had been hacked to display a poop emoji—and a message declaring in all caps “HILLARY WINS.” 

In a sense, it was. Someone figured out a way to generate new webpages on Trump’s site by manipulating its URL structure. The new pages are “real,” in that they do exist, as Electronic Frontier Foundation activist Parker Higgens was quick to clarify, but Trump’s campaign was not responsible for their creation, and the actual content on the page hasn’t been changed. It just’s a new banner over the same archive of press releases. 

Even still, it’s a lot of fun to play with a great stress reliever. 

It’s ridiculously easy to do. Just type your message after the following URL:

Then separating each word with “%20”. 

So, if you want the website to say “PLEASE DEAR GOD LET THIS ELECTION END,” your URL should be:

Screengrab via Donald Trump

Got it? Let’s try again just for practice. Here’s how the URL should look to display “TRUMPSTER FIRE”:

Screengrab via Donald Trump

Now go out there and make Trump's website great again.  

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