69 more vines worth saving because it's hard to say goodbye

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A social media service so nice, we're honoring it twice.

Here at the Daily Dot, we're having a hard time letting go of Vine. On Thursday, an announcement was made that the app would be discontinued. You can still peruse your favorite vines, there just won't be any new content to speak of. In the spirit of perpetuating Vine's nine seconds of fame, we present 69 nice Vines part two.

Back to Narnia

The real thriller

Spooky sausage

That airhorn tho

Wait for it

Canadian goosed

 Wait'll you see my force

You better work

Village People cemetery




You can't do it


Friends with the sickness

Where to?

Pollo Del Rey


It's Willenium all the way down


Be kind, rewind

Whoa there

Ball is life

Blah blah

Watch out

Grandma goes hard

Turn up for Mii

Lady Ghostbusters?!

Glug glug

Lil porno

Flying spud

Vapers of NY

What is dog?

No disrespect

Damn, Banksy!

Bird buddies

Primal scream

Twin voms

The umbrella uprising





Spin it

Awolnation Derp

Queen of cat love

Pachelbel's Canon in D if you know what I mean

Flavortown world tour



Rollin' in style


Apple fanboy

Steve Jobs

Teen shovel assemble

Bernie lean


My cat son


Wake up sheeple

Oh, Riff Raff

Drop the curling stone

Big ol' see-saw

Take your girl to BK day

Judy here (with a raccoon)

Is love a carb?

Soulja Boy I... don't know this song

Seven Nation Doggie

Early morning cartoon shit

Here are the 69 nicest vines that are actually worth saving
R.I.P. Vine. Things will be different now that Twitter is shutting down the short-video service it never really figured out how to monetize: Adults will consider switching to Instagram video and teen fauxlebrities will switch to Musical.ly or consider finding real jobs. Twitter promises that Vine's archives will remain up for the time being, though, so let's talk about the brilliant, funny vines that are actually worth saving.
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