Man holding a smartphone with Snapchat app on the screen on black background table. Office environment.

How to get Snapchat AI

AI has come to Snapchat. Learn what it can do.

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Social media users turn to Snap Map to see what's happening on the ground in Gaza

Snapchat Maps reveals stark difference between life in Israel and Gaza right now

‘Can actively see the difference in conditions.’

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How to unblock someone on Snapchat

Unblocking someone on Snapchat is straightforward.

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How to get rid of My AI on Snapchat

How to get rid of My AI on Snapchat

My AI has become a contentious feature on Snapchat for some. Here’s how to be done with it.

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How to change your Snapchat AI gender

One of Snapchat’s unique offerings is the ability for a user to modify and personalize their AI experience.

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Massive new big tech lawsuit demands restitution for cost of ‘youth health crisis’ social media offloaded onto schools, teachers

Tech companies have forced schools to deal with new problems—and it’s time for them to pay, a new suit says.

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Ian Milam mugshot (inset) Cosgrove Middle School (background)

Middle school math teacher impersonated high schooler on Snapchat to solicit nudes from his sixth grader students

He went by the usernames ‘matteckler’ and ‘mikeywikey37.’

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Douglas School logo, woman holding phone with snapchat app open

Snapchat group with 100 students tagged Black kids in racial slurs, fueled racism at middle school, lawsuit alleges

The lawsuit was filed by the parents of alleged victims.

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meta earnings

The state of the creator economy, according to three tech giants’ earnings calls

Meta and Google made a showy return this week. Snap didn’t fare as well.

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Ready to monetize your Snapchat stories? Here are the main takeaways from the 2023 Snap Summit

A new revenue sharing model for Stories was a main focus of the summit, leaving creators with some lingering questions.

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former Snapchat employee greenscreen TikTok over image of Snap Incorporated stock certificate (l) Snap Inc. banner on building in NY (c) former Snapchat employee greenscreen TikTok over letter 'In recognition of your tremendous effort and commitment to our team and company during this time of transition. I'd like to present you with a limited edition, numbered, Snap Stock Certificate. While this certificate holds no monetary value, I hope its sentimental value will increase with each year...' (r)

‘They will never care about you’: Former Snapchat worker says employees were gifted a stock certificate with no monetary value

‘They made sure to put 3 zeros so you know it’s not worth anything.’

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Snapchat logo and Snap Star

Black creators say Snapchat unfairly revoked their verification status after promising to support them

‘I don’t think it’s a coincidence that only the Black creators from my roster had their Snap Stars taken away.’

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Cheating boyfriend exposed Snapchat hack

‘100%. It’s literally guaranteed’: Woman shows how to tell if your boyfriend is cheating on you, sparking debate

‘I called him at night, and I made sure he was home.’

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TikTok logo on white background (l) Man in hat in car tiktok caption 'You know you are getting older when you deleted snapchat, hate instagram, don't even know what twitter is, facebook marketplace is amazing, and phone calls is your main source of communication' (r)

‘You’re still on TikTok’: Man dragged for bragging about how he hates Instagram and deleted Snapchat

‘Bro picked TikTok out of all those.’

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dating app screenshot (l) (r) man and woman at a cafe with phones (m)

‘That’s kinda what you do on a date bro’: Man tells woman he won’t pay after she won’t go to his place for first date

‘Oh my god that’s so embarrassing for him.’

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