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How to get Snapchat AI

AI has come to Snapchat. Learn what it can do.


Kahron Spearman


Snapchat has unveiled what for some is an exciting feature—and for others is something they want to delete after seeing it in action. My AI, a chatbot powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology, is designed to answer various queries and make Snapchat even more interactive. If you’re wondering how to navigate this feature, here’s your comprehensive guide on how to get Snapchat AI.

Locating My AI in Your Snapchat

No additional installations are needed to access My AI. Follow these simple steps, as How To Geek detailed in an ar:

  • Open Snapchat: Click on the speech bubble icon labeled “Chat” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Find My AI: Scan the chat contacts and spot the “My AI” chatbot.
  • Start Chatting: Click on it, type your question in the “Send a Chat” box, and wait for an AI-driven response.

How can you use My AI on Snapchat?

According to an explainer on the Snapchat website, “In a chat conversation, My AI can answer a burning trivia question, offer advice on the perfect gift for your BFF’s birthday, help plan a hiking trip for a long weekend, or suggest what to make for dinner.”

It also notes, though, that things aren’t quite perfect yet. “We’re constantly working to improve and evolve My AI, but it’s possible My AI’s responses may include biased, incorrect, harmful, or misleading content,” the site warns. “Because My AI is an evolving feature, you should always independently check answers provided by My AI before relying on any advice, and you should not share confidential or sensitive information.”

When My AI isn’t visible

Can’t see My AI? No worries. Here’s what you can do:

Manually adding AI

  • On the Chat page, use the search icon.
  • Enter “My AI”.
  • Select it from the results to add.

Updating Snapchat

  • On Android: Open Google Play Store, locate “Snapchat,” and hit “Update.”
  • On iPhone: Go to the App Store, click “Updates,” then “Update” next to “Snapchat.”

Check Availability: Per Snapchat, as of August 2023, My AI has yet to be introduced globally. Your region might still be waiting for the rollout.

Additional Tips for My AI access issues

In case My AI remains elusive after doing all of the above:

  • Restart the App: Exit and relaunch Snapchat.
  • Clear Cache:
    • iPhone: Head to device settings, pick ‘Snapchat,’ and click ‘Clear Cache.’
    • Android: Long-press the Snapchat icon, select the ‘i’ icon, navigate to ‘Storage & cache,’ and choose ‘Clear cache.’
  • Contact Snapchat Support: Contact Snapchat’s customer service if all fails.

Evolution of My AI on Snapchat

My AI debuted exclusively for Snapchat+ subscribers, a premium service priced at $3.99/month. But after its announcement at Snap’s Partner Summit in April 2023, it’s available to all. Upon activation, Snapchat greets users with an introductory message from My AI. From then on, one can access the chatbot anytime by swiping right from the Camera screen.

Packed with skills like suggesting weekend activities or whipping up poetic verses, My AI will surely enhance your experience. If you’re among the few facing issues, the troubleshooting solutions above should guide you.

Snapchat’s My AI integrates the power of ChatGPT into its platform, offering users a unique chatbot experience. Following the steps and tips, you can enjoy a seamless AI interaction within Snapchat.

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