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Screengrab from a YouTube video. Here's your first look at the BBC's Grand Theft Auto docu-drama
The story of the biggest fight over violent video games, ever.
Screengrab from the trailer for GTA Online Heists Heists are here to redefine how you play GTA Online
It's time to polish up your shooting and driving skills.
Screengrab from GTA 5 Los Santos Heists are finally coming to Grand Theft Auto Online
It's almost time. 
EIBLDXK.jpg (1280×720) GTA: San Andreas patch on Steam highlights the perils of digital game ownership
Already-purchased digital versions of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas were altered. 
Trevor_and_his_Road_Warrior_car.jpg (1300×647) Upgrade Grand Theft Auto V for a huge list of enticing extras
Rockstar Games wants to make a next-gen upgrade worth your while. 
undefined That's not Kate Upton in the 'Grand Theft Auto V' ads—it's this model
Yes, the GTA girl is real. No, she's not who you think.