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donald trump speaking to an audienceDonald Trump’s race problem is even worse than you think
The Latino vote isn't his only issue.
Hulk Hogan WWEThe WWE has a race problem—and it's bigger than Hulk Hogan
The whole organization is guilty as hell.
7 questions black people are tired of hearing about the 'N-word'
Don't make the same mistake as Hulk Hogan.
Taylor Swift in Style VideoHow to talk to white people about Taylor Swift
It's time to shake off the bias for white women.
Amy Schumer stand up on Comedy CentralAmy Schumer proves there's more than one way to be a feminist
Her provocative feminism can still be integral to the movement.
The argument between Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj is not a 'feud'
When women have intellectual debates, they're not having a cat fight.
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