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man holding up a sign that says  'am i next?' Police confirm second night of shooting at Minneapolis Black Lives Matter protest
This time, no one was injured. But online threats show white supremacists may be responsible again.
illustration of handcuffs Names of 3 suspects released in Minneapolis Black Lives Matter shooting
A video shows one of the suspects being arrested by a SWAT team at his suburban home.
BLM trolls with gun Meet the white supremacists who may have organized the Black Lives Matter shooting
White supremacists planned their trip to a Black Lives Matter protest. Then five people were shot.
Facebook icon with NYU logo background No, those White Student Union groups on Facebook are not real
A series of White Student Union Facebook groups is alarming campuses across the country.
al roker Al Roker says taxi driver's snub was racially motivated
The driver allegedly passed him and picked up a white passenger a block later.
Godwin’s law, be damned—it’s OK to call Donald Trump a ‘Nazi’
Godwin's law may be a joke, but Trump shows us why it actually matters.