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pres-snoo2.jpg (1440×720) The most influential people on Reddit in 2013
Here are the users who mattered most in Reddit's year of the ban.
undefined Confession Bear exiled from Reddit's meme kingdom
Reddit is conducting an experiment to see if its largest meme forum, r/AdviceAnimals, is better off without the Malayan sun bear.
undefined Memeageddon: Reddit bans another popular meme generator
It's been a bad few weeks for meme generators on Reddit.
undefined The Reddit sleuths who brought down a meme empire
The Miltz brothers were an American success story in the making. Too bad their meme empire was built on deception.
undefined With Imgur's meme generator, who needs Reddit?
Good timing. Reddit just banned Quickmeme, formerly the most popular way to combine Impact text and Scumbag Steve.
undefined Who's telling the truth in Reddit's latest vote-rigging scandal?
Two meme sites are accusing one another of manipulating Reddit users—with a popular browser extension caught in the middle—but what's really going on here?