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on phone at music festival Facebook uses your GPS location to suggest friends you might know
But here's how you can opt-out.
Russia lawmakers pass sweeping spying law that requires encryption backdoors, call surveillance
It's being called an 'anti-terrorism' bill—but it's much more.
Mark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg covers his webcam with tape, and so should you
Order your Facebook-branded tin foil hats today.
abstract art of twitter logo Twitter just launched an app for famous people, but average users are still left wanting more
You're probably not popular enough for Twitter's new app.
a stream of selfies being  burned With facial recognition tech on the rise, is it time to delete all your selfies?
There's a privacy nightmare in the making.
ballot box comp Why we won't all be voting online anytime soon
There's much more work to be done—and experts don't see a major breakthrough on the horizon.