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word cloud This extremely popular Facebook app has 17 million downloads and it's a total privacy disaster
Maybe your most used words should be, "better security."
illustration of the amazon robot Amazon may have just reset your password, and here's why
The company said it was just a precaution, but turn on two-factor authentication anyway.
Google can unlock most Android phones remotely if the government requests it
But perhaps not for much longer.
Congressional glitch Heads of 2 powerful House committees join anti-encryption crusade
Is encryption really 'the biggest threat today,' as one lawmaker claimed?
a phone with facebook icon on it Tor use skyrockets in Bangladesh after government bans social networks
The government says that it's watching people who try to circumvent the ban.
glitched image of hillary clinton Hillary Clinton hints that she supports backdoors in encryption
Clinton didn't go so far as to propose a specific policy.