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U.K. intelligence committee urges major changes to surveillance bill
The report called one key measure 'inconsistent and largely incomprehensible.'
glitch image of a podium Obama unveils $19 billion Cybersecurity National Action Plan
The new plan is a grab-bag of programs and initiatives to tackle persistent cyber issues.
US and UK flags glitch British police seek authority to directly serve U.S. companies with warrants
Congress would have to approve of any deal to change how foreign governments get U.S. data.
Fitbit Every fitness tracker but Apple's is a privacy nightmare
Who will track the trackers?
JGL donates snowden money Joseph Gordon-Levitt uses 'Snowden' money to fund tech-and-democracy project
HitRECord wants to know what you think about privacy and government.
image of a judge's gavel next to a smartphone What is the Judicial Redress Act and why is it important to U.S.–E.U. relations?
The bill would give Europeans a key right that Americans already enjoy.