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Emails flying from one laptop to another Apple, Facebook, other major tech players push Senate to pass email privacy reform
There's major new pressure on the Senate to pass a landmark online privacy bill.
FTC Commissioner Terrell McSweeny talking encryption FTC Commissioner Terrell McSweeny: Mandating encryption backdoors 'is a terrible idea'
Terrell McSweeny said that encryption would soon become even more vital as smart devices proliferated.
privacy How to stop companies and advertisers from tracking you on Facebook
It's time to wise up and opt out.
computer screen with the words "rule 41" Senators introduce bill to block 'dramatic' changes to electronic search warrant rules
These lawmakers say there's more to this obscure rule change than meets the eye.
barbed wire fence What is a VPN, and why should you use one?
Goodbye, firewalls.
illustration of edward snowden New batch of Snowden's leaked NSA docs are now available to the public
The Intercept has started to release batches of previously unseen Snowden files.