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Microsoft Edge Experiment Battery Life video Microsoft trolls Google, Mozilla with battery life tests
Microsoft is going hard after Google.
silk sense smart hub Former Mozilla CTO forced to refund backers and cancel successful Kickstarter project
Another smart device folding under the pressures of IoT.
abstract art of nsa logo The best free private email services
The best email privacy tools are just a quick download away.
8704455142_a2e130307f_b.jpg (1024×587) Mozilla patches Firefox, bulks up security after hacker breaches its bugtracker
If you're running the latest version of Firefox, you're safe.
Mozilla Webmaker Mozilla's new Webmaker app lets anyone create Web pages on smartphones
Turning Internet users in emerging markets into contributors to the Web.
Firefox logo in LEGOs Mozilla is hunting for an employee who posted hate speech on Reddit
An anonymous Mozilla employee could be out of a job.