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TOzEn5v.png (1277×715) A fan remade the final Matt Smith 'Doctor Who' scene in Lego
It can only get better with Lego.
doctor who deep breath peter capaldi Take a 'Deep Breath': 'Doctor Who' is back!
Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who debut has been met with near-universal acclaim from fans. Or his performance has, at least.
imoji app with dr who emoji whomoji icons 7 simple steps to custom emoji
Now you can finally start using all those custom emoji you see on the Internet.
dr who emoji Start your adventure through time and space with 'Doctor Who' emoji
Our iPhones failed us, so we've come up with some of our own alternatives for the new season of Doctor Who.
e8auXOs.png (1600×800) 'Doctor Who' stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan talk Eleventh Doctor, the new season
Smith and Gillan answered fans' questions about life aboard the TARDIS. 
Q5JVQ24.jpg (1400×716) Peter Capaldi wins us over as the new Doctor in one adorable video
Peter Capaldi convinces all of us that he's the perfect Doctor in under 30 seconds.