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The ICANN logo, the U.S. government logo, and an Ethernet cable. U.S. government approves plan to yield control of key internet functions
But conservative lawmakers are furious.
An illustration of the RNC and DNC logos with an Ethernet cable in the middle. Tech groups ask DNC and RNC to add internet policies to party platforms
'A free and open internet is an engine of economic growth,' the groups told the two major parties.
BOx smart bottle opener This bottle opener literally slides into your friends' DMs to tell them you're drinking
We've gone too far with smart tech. Now we have a smart bottle opener.
Cheri Oteri bad internet CollegeHumor's 'Bad Internet' is a dark, dystopian look at the future
'This is real social commentary we’re making about the role of these companies in the future of our society.'
illustration of a cat sleeping Can my spazzed-out cat be calmed by YouTube cat music?
Does music meant to relax cats actually work?
hoax graffiti Why do we (still) keep falling for online hoaxes?
Read the fine print, people.