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Russia's latest Internet censorship decision sets a dangerous precedent
Roscomnadzor decides what Russians get to read online. And it can decide pretty much anything it wants.
Pharrell Williams performing in the video for Hey, Internet—stop trying to inspire me
The Internet is obsessed with inspiration, and I'm tired of it.
Study suggests elderly men love porn—and they feel weird about it
Spoiler alert: Men your grandfather's age love looking at porn.
abstract Google logoGoogle's new Timeline feature is a terrifying reminder to turn your location off right now
This may sound like paranoia, but some of us have learned the hard way that it’s the only way to stay alive.
Why the battle for basic Internet access is a critical human rights issue
What would you do if you couldn’t log onto the Internet?
Twitter Bird TrollWe're all Internet trolls now
Social media doesn't change human nature.
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