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hannibal'Red Dragon' trailer revealed during 'Hannibal' Comic-Con panel
The 'pannibal' dropped a bombshell this weekend.
hannibal'Hannibal' rescue prospects dim as Amazon and Netflix pass on canceled series
Yet more bad news for 'Hannibal' fans. Can the show still be saved?
The Amazing Screw-On Head Bryan Fuller'Hannibal' may be gone, but these 4 brilliant Bryan Fuller projects live on online
Take a look back at the marvelously weird career path that brought Fuller to this point.
hannibal canceled'Hannibal' has served its last bloody course—at least on NBC
Bryan Fuller confirms that 'Hannibal' has been canceled.
hannibal lecterThe best items from the 'Hannibal' costume and prop auction
Want to get your hands on one of Hannibal Lecter's suits? You're in luck.
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