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ECPA: Most Americans support updating a decades-old email-privacy law
Will broad public support be enough to encourage Congress to move on reform legislation?
Congressional glitch Heads of 2 powerful House committees join anti-encryption crusade
Is encryption really 'the biggest threat today,' as one lawmaker claimed?
glitched image of ron wyden Sen. Ron Wyden is ready to defend encryption in Congress
Anti-encryption lawmakers are using Paris to push for backdoors. Ron Wyden has heard it all before.
image of capitol hill with data floating in the sky Congress plans encryption investigations as Paris attacks reignite 'crypto wars'
Independent experts overwhelmingly support strong encryption, but Congress is still worried about it.
Rand Paul with NSA logo Rand Paul praises Edward Snowden for doing 'a service' to the U.S.
Paul also suggested a light sentence for the 'whistleblower.'
Stingray II cell site phone unit House Oversight Committee asks U.S. agencies to reveal details of stingray use
The use of these surveillance devices has expanded significantly, and lawmakers are worried.