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Emails flying from one laptop to another Apple, Facebook, other major tech players push Senate to pass email privacy reform
There's major new pressure on the Senate to pass a landmark online privacy bill.
 an illustration of a computer screen with the House of Representatives logo on it Reps. Will Hurd and Ted Lieu tell their colleagues to up their cybersecurity game
Wouldn't we all feel more comfortable knowing our representative used WhatsApp?
image of a stripper pole A Louisiana representative actually proposed weight and age limits for strippers
The legislation would cap stripping jobs at age 28 and under 160 lbs.
Missiles labeled "cyber" flying through the air. Senators want a clear definition of cyberwar, but international law remains murky
Defining things in international law is harder than it seems.
laptop screen with "pay up!" on it Senators to investigate rise of ransomware, viruses that take your computer hostage
With one report estimating that a single type of ransomware has cost $325 million, the stakes are high.